About My Name Is Ciji

Boston Massachusetts

Liferich publishing is releasing a children’s fiction book called My Name Is Ciji. This family friendly book is the first in line of a series of books, The Ciji Book Series,written by Lettie Lawman as a result of resent violent acts being committed all around the world and in our own country also. Not only are children being used as objects to carry out some of these attacks but teenagers from around the world are traveling abroad to join the attackers. Parents, friends and even government officials are surprised that these children were easily brainwashed from afar by these groups.

Lettie Lawman then said “If these people can get children to join them in carrying out these monstrous acts against innocent people and can even get sympathy from them, why shouldn’t we reach our children before they do? Why can’t we find a way to touch these young minds in such a manner as to prevent any future joining or sympathizing with this evil?” This led to the writing of the book series, The Ciji Book Series. My Name Is Ciji is a story about four friends who eventually found out that one of them was a ghost and how this one friend went on to tell the rest the story about how his family ended up where they are, and where they would be headed from there. This book was written not only to entertain but also to steer readers away from being violent or ever supporting people that are. The book is written for all mankind even though children of all ages will benefit more from it, that way, we catch their minds before the perpetrators of violence do.

A lot of violence have been done in places like schools, churches, movie theaters, political rallies, public buildings, to mention but a few. I need your help to spread the word about this book, My Name Is Ciji, so that we can get it into the hands of children in our communities. It is available in most book stores and Liferich.com(both paperback and ebook).

To find out more about My Name Is Ciji, visit cijidi.com. The author can be reached at Lettielawman@outlook.com or 6176505901.

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